Guam - Dededo Mayor Melissa Savares has responded to a letter sent to her suggesting that Para Hita Todu revise the wording on its petition. The group was formed to show support for the buildup.

According to the letter, sent by Senator Rory Respicio, he provides suggestions that are designed to clarify the open-ended statements that imply the buildup should occur without any constraints or boundaries. Respicio says that the petition's statements are so broad that they leave room for interpretation and he believes that it's important they are clear about what we want.

The mayor noted, "We're willing to compromise; I'm willing to as the leader of Para Hita Todu to sit down and see what we can do, to make adjustments not totally against what we've already put out but sit down and come to the table and make compromises."

Savares who is the chairperson of the group responded to Respicio, saying the comments he provided clearly indicate there is very little that separates their views. She says she plans to sit down with Respicio during a round table discussion on the topic.