Guam - Kinney and Russchel Blas started up their business, Neni Trendz, about two months ago on Facebook and in a short period of time has managed to generate several loyal customers - nearing 2,000 to be exact in one week.

"We decided to bring in baby accessories - headbands, beanies, shoes, and hats and of course our Neni Bottom Cloth Diapers. We wanted to bring in the inventory mainly because of our two girls - Madison who is 11 and our baby Kyrah who is 4 months old," said Kinney.

Russchel found it difficult to find particular items on Guam and items she did manage to find, she wasn't content.  So, she went online and started researching. After posting photos of her girls donning their accessories on Facebook, friends and family took notice and started to inquire where they can purchase the items. "When my husband how much interest was out there and that how we started Neni Trendz and Neni Bottomz Cloth Diapers," she said.

Now, aside from cute baby accessories, they also carry items for that special dog in your life. "We're just doing things that we enjoy and fun for us, for us this is on the side and my husband pit bull scene, 671 Bully Club and over the Edge Kennels, and Kinney brings in the dog leashes, harnesses, and collars and he'll even customize the spikes for those of you who are in the dog scene."

The Blas' sell at the flea market and at the Chamorro Village Night Market as well and are amazed at the great response. "We're not trying to juice people, basically we're trying to sell something that's affordable to everyone...we don't have a building permit, we don't have rent to pay so our prices are reasonable and affordable, so we try to make those deals- 3 for 10 or buy two and get one free. The baby accessories are popular and most recently the Neni Bottomz Cloth Diapers," says Russhel.

Russhel says she got into cloth diapering when her daughter was born, explaining, "We don't have to keep buying the Neni Bottomz are meant to last from newborn until 35 lbs. which is about 2-3 year, so until they're ready for potty training, that's how long these diapers last, you can pass them on to other children."

Pushing for a "cloth diaper" movement, mother of 2 Amanda Young shares the same sentiment as Russchel. Young, who runs Gaiaeco Solutions, which offers consultation for Conscious Living also sells cloth diapers and says with 2 outlets, the push for cloth diapering will be that much better. "I'm all for cloth, I've done it with 2 of my children and I'll take the ones I have and keep and hold them for my girls when they have babies, I don't know...we'll see how long it'll last."

Young also notes that it is even healthier and safer for babies, pointing out that majority of disposable diapers contain certain materials that are toxic. She said, "The people who make the disposables, at some point in the process, they have to wear protective gear...this is something we put on our babies, and people have to wear safety gear for this thing."

Another mother who swears by cloth diapers is Kirsten Bamba. Although she notes that she didn't do cloth diapers with her daughter who is 5, she did do it with her newborn - 4-month-old Orion. "The thing is, I know we are an island and we are trying to reduce the waste, as soon as my baby was born, from our baby shower- we got a bunch of disposable diapers which we used but we noticed he was getting rashes," she said.

Bamba also saw the trashcan was rapidly filling up quicker than before. So once she got wind of cloth diapers via Russchel who also happens to be her mali, without any hesitation, Bamba jumped on the cloth diapering band wagon...and she has definitely seen results. "He's much comfortable, he's not getting any rashes, he would sleep better through the night," she said.

She is also an advocate, using any opportunity she gets to spread the word about the joys and benefits of cloth diapers. "Everytime I see a mother, whether they are young mothers or older mothers i always say maybe you should check this out," she said.

And with an array of styles and prints to choose from, your neni will not only be a happy baby, but one stylish baby as well! To find out more about Neni Trendz or Gaiaeco Solutions, you can find them both on Facebook.