Guam - Senator Judi Guthertz, chair of the Legislative Committee on the Military Buildup, says the General Accountability Office report should put the island on notice that the story on the multibillion dollar buildup is far from told or complete so far. Guthertz notes the compilers of the GAP report acknowledge contacting numerous federal and military offices on the issue but apparently talked to no one from the Government of Guam.

She says she expects the same with the Guam Master Plan on the buildup by the Department of Defense when they, "finally get around to releasing it". On the Master Plan, Guthertz has said she has learned a draft is circulating in Washington but it has yet to be made available to Guam leadership.

Guthertz calls it "troubling" that the GAO report suggests the funding of the island infrastructure projects to handle to buildup - roads, water, sewer and electric power - have yet to be settled.