Guam - Members of public and private agencies participated in today's Principles in Procurement Seminar hosted by the Guam Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber in conjunction with the Guam Bar Association, the Judiciary of Guam, and the U.S. District Court hosted today's forum at the Guam Marriott Resort & Spa.

Today's seminar focused mainly on local government procurement. Guest speaker Professor Steven Schooner of George Washington University announced, "One thing a lot of people don't necessarily think about is that governments spend a tremendous amount of money doing the things that they do. They buy goods, they buy services, they build projects, construction, and it's a significant part of the economy. And what you really care about is the more effectively the government spends their money, the more money there is to do other things to serve the public."

John Thomas Brown of Jones & Guerrero Legal Counsel and head of the event was very pleased with the turnout. Over 100 individuals, from both public and private agencies attended. "The people showing up here are saying that procurement is a big matter here on Guam, and they need to get on top of it," he stated.

The seminar is intended to educate and train those who carry out procurement as well as understand the system in local government. "Until you do that process of educating people about the system, it doesn't matter how good your model is, you're not going to have an effective system," said Brown.

Procurement is obviously a very important issue here on Guam evident in today's over-attendance. There will be another seminar Wednesday, which is already booked.