Guam - There have been more than a dozen robberies reported in the last two months, many of which were armed robberies. The Guam Police Department has put together a special task force to combat the increasing number of these crimes.

"We are still looking at all the cases now to see if any of them are related in somewhat," noted Police Commander Major Ricardo Leon Guerrero. "As far as whether it's attribute to anything currently now, we're not sure at the moment - I know summer months are here but it looks like the individuals that are committing these crimes are young adults." He says the police department has received 14 robbery reports in the last two months, prompting the force to put together a special task force to combat the problem.

The task force will have a two-pronged approach: one group will be tasked with investigating the robberies that have been reported in the last few weeks, while the other will act as a suppression team, providing more of a presence around the island. "By saturating the place we're talking about non-patrol elements of this department and deploying them to augment the current manpower now," Leon Guerrero explained.

The police commander says the majority of the robberies occur at night, while four happened in broad daylight.  The police department cautions residents to be aware of their surroundings and not allow themselves to be vulnerable to those with bad intentions.  If you are approached by a robber, police say it's a good idea to comply and try your best to stay calm and get a really good look at your perpetrator.

"The key here is to get a good look and description of the suspect. Even as the perpetrator flees away again see and get as much information on the suspect and direction of flight because that will really help police in their investigation. Now, if you're a distance away and you see an individual asking for help especially at night, please don't. Roll up your window, drive away. If you have a cell phone, call 911 or any police precinct and report there's an individual asking for assistance at this location," he continued.

Leon Guerrero also warns residents to be weary of people who ask for help, especially in the evening. While you may think you're being a Good Samaritan, police warn that this could be a ploy for someone to take advantage and rob you.  Instead, he suggests you contact authorities and report that an individual needs help, saying, "It's just a matter of time we solve most of these cases, or some of these cases.  I would like to ask the community that if they know anything, see anything suspicious, please call Guam Crimestoppers or the nearest police precinct. We are challenged as personnel resources and we want the public to assist us and be our eyes and ears out there."

And for the criminals responsible for these robberies around the island, consider yourself warned - police are looking for you.