Guam - Alleging the product was a bunch of hot air, Pacific Renewable Energy Solutions, Inc. has filed suit against the Florida-based Sedna Aire Americas, which purported to have developed solar power air conditioning units. PRES filed suit against Sedna Aire, Energy Specialty Source, Alan Verhonich, Dave Hein, and Rock Henderson in the District Court of Guam.

According to the civil complaint, pres entered into an exclusive distributor agreement with the defendants in June of last year. PRES, through its majority shareholder Western Sales Trading Company, paid close to $200,000 under the agreement. In return SAA delivered four retrofit kits that were designed to be incorporated into air conditioning units in order to take advantage of SAA's solar powered technology.  PRES alleges none of the units reduced the energy consumption of the ac units they were installed in. 

The company even tried an SAA air conditioning and found that it consumed more electricity than a traditional A/C unit because of defective parts. PRES has since terminated the distribution contract and is now demanding that all of the money be paid back because of the alleged breach of contract. They also allege deceptive trade practice, negligent misrepresentations, and constructive fraud.

They're seeking damages of no less than $250,000 to be determined at trial.