Guam - 24-year-old Anthony Artero was arrested over the weekend after police responded to reports of gunshots being fired in the East Agana area. According to the magistrate's complaint, witnesses noticed shots fired from a white Nissan Infinity that was allegedly being driven by Artero. Police later pulled Artero over in the Paseo area and questioned if he had a weapon in his vehicle.

Court documents state Artero told police he had a gun in his center console and upon searching the vehicle police found a semi-automatic handgun and a magazine as well as Artero's firearms ID that noted there was no permission to carry the weapon concealed. Documents add that a passenger in the vehicle told police he heard several gunshots go off within the vehicle, and later saw Artero allegedly putting the weapon inside his center console.

During a search of the vehicle police also found a make shift glass pipe with white/black residue that tested positive for the drug ice. Artero denies knowledge of what had occurred.

In the meantime, he was booked and confined on charges of possession of a concealed firearm, drug possession and reckless conduct.