Guam - Like the island's judiciary, the fiscal challenges continue to plague the rest of the Government of Guam, including at the Guam Police Department. The cash crisis was the sole reason why they testified against Bill 171. The legislation was introduced by Public Safety Chair Senator Adolpho Palacios.

It proposes to bump-up the monthly stipend for police reservists from $250 to $500. Testifying against the bill on behalf of GPD and the chief of police was Major Leon Ryan, who told the senator reservists haven't been paid their stipends for the past six months because there's just no money.

Palacios said, "I can say simply and bluntly its none of your business to worry about whether we can pay or not. Do they deserve $500 a month?" Ryan said, "They deserve more than that, sir." Palacios stated, "That's what I'm saying. Let us proceed with the testimony and lets focus on this forget about the money, money is not the issue here but the entitlement to that money, whether they deserve it. Don't worry about the money, Mr. Ryan."

The major then said, "I understand that, of course they deserve more than $500 stipend, but the fact is I do not agree with passing a law and then its not being carried out and it costs us a lot of bad feelings among us like the last 10% pay raises, I feel like a legislator passed that law to get my vote and then when it comes to deliver they fail to deliver."

Currently there are 68 civilian volunteer police reservists, 130 CAPE volunteers, and another 25 who are interested in helping GPD on a voluntary basis.