Guam - What was thought to be a private argument between two Guam State Clearing House employees and Attorney Naoko Shimizu - the wife of Lieutenant Governor of Guam Ray Tenorio - has gone viral. It was posted on "Guam Blog", a Tumblr site.

The audio contained within the blog post alleges the lieutenant governor's wife was upset at the two staffers, Sahara Defensor and Michael Bumagat. The blog alleges the tirade occurred after allegations were made that Shimizu's husband may have plagiarized the work of his staff to be used in his qualifying exam that he needed to submit to receive his master's degree this Sunday from the University of Guam.

In the clip, Shimizu yells:

"What if I told you guys if I told you guys the lieutenant governor was called in by the governor and his chief of staff and that he was treated like a criminal today? How would you feel about that? You guys have no idea how [expletive] pissed off I am at this very moment. I'm so disappointed in the two of you. Are you [expletive] kidding me?

What do you think this is this? Is the [expletive] lieutenant governor's office and this is how you treat my husband.

"You know what, you two? Either resign or quit. I'm sick and tired of the both of you!"