Guam - If you thought Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo was disappointed, so too is Senator Frank Blas, Jr., who has been critical about the war claims issue and Guam's delegate. Blas says he plans on putting more pressure in getting his bill calling for better representation in Congress passed.

"I'm sure there could have been a greater effort to be able to push that. I'm sure all of last week could have been spent to muster and garner the support for this, instead of traveling elsewhere, but that said this continues to show that Guam needs a better voice and a greater voice in Congress. Guam deserves better," the senator explained.

Blas' bill is currently within committee but as a result of today's news he will ask his colleagues to consider bringing his bill out on the floor for discussion. The Republican lawmaker meanwhile hopes the U.S. will recognize its moral responsibility to put this issue to rest for Guam's war survivors.