Guam - Department of the Interior Assistant Secretary Tony Babauta presented the Guam Initial Technical Assessment Report at the University of Guam this morning. The DOI paid a million dollars to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to conduct a baseline assessment of Guam's energy usage and identify energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities for the territory.

Guam is 100% dependent on fossil fuels. The report explores possible options and recommendations for Guam to explore wind and solar technology to name a few. "It's an excellent starting point that Guam needs for making large investments in renewable energy infrastructure," he said.

According to Assistant Secretary Babauta, the assessment provides a framework for the Guam Energy Task Force to devise a strategic plan for the territory to lessen our reliance on fossil fuels. NREL has helped guide the U.S. Virgin Island's on its path to renewable energy. The territory shares many similarities with Guam such as its reliance on fossil fuels, tourism, and our education systems utilizing a third-party fiduciary agent.

Babauta added, "Where we're making a tremendous push because 99.5% of our energy needs are met through fossil fuels  we're making a tremendous push to renewable energy    several years ago we put in our legislation our goal of 60% by 2025, so our whole focus for the next couple of years has been toward that objective  And that's why I spoke to the governor about is trying to see how can we produce the reliance on fossil fuel particularly given the volatility of oil prices and start looking at photovoltaic, start looking at solar, public power partnerships between private and government all together."