Guam - The Department of Parks & Recreation has developed a plan to curb the erosion at the Nimitz Neach Park in Agat. Agency Acting Director Pete Calvo says they will begin removing concrete structures that fell in the water in June during low tides. Calvo adds they will break up the cement slabs and use it to construct a small natural break for the water in an effort to recapture the sand that rolls in with the tide.

He says they will also be planting trees along the shoreline to initiate a root system that he hopes will prevent further erosion. "The study actually indicated this is a natural occurrence of shoreline activity and to do any drastic riprap or anything like that may cause greater erosion down the line and what we wan to do is rebuild the natural growth of that shoreline," he explained.

Calvo says the erosion mitigation effort will begin on June 11 in the early morning hours. He says the military and the Agat Mayor's Office have also offered assistance.

In the meantime, Calvo says his agency is working with the army corps of engineers to develop a long-term solution.