Guam - Proving different religions can find a common ground the Guam Interfaith Committee came together today to celebrate a national day of prayer. The annual event - held in the mainland since 1952 - began on Guam six years ago.

The committee was formed to promote mutual understanding, respect, tolerance, and compassion between faiths. Ervin Thomas, representative of the committee, told KUAM News that the prayers today were directed particularly toward Japan in light of the recent natural disasters but were also directed to all corners of the world. "For the well-being of the government of the United States, the Government of Guam and for the people of the world, we are concerned that humanity is undergoing stresses and difficulties and we think that prayer can be and alleviating factor influence," he explained.

Faiths represented in the interfaith committee include Hinduism, Judiasm, Buddhism, Christianity, Muslim, Bahai and the Chamorro spiritual tradition. In addition to the annual prayer day the committee also hosts the annual interfaith picnic and Thanksgiving Day service.