by Nick Delgado

Guam - Three pilots with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) met with Guam delegate Madeleine Bordallo to present to her a Guam flag that the crew took on a recent space mission. The crew aboard the Discovery space shuttle recently completed the 35th mission to the International space station where they delivered a new permanent module and external stowage platform along with other supplies and equipment.

Congresswoman Bordallo who met with Mission specialist Stephen Bowen last year requested he bring a Guam flag with him on his next space mission as a tribute to the late CDR William McCool. McCool attended middle and high school on Guam, and during a space mission aboard the Columbia back in 2003, his shuttle was destroyed during re-entry into the earth's atmosphere.

The Guam flag will now be put on display at the McCool elementary middle school on Naval Base Guam.