Guam - Spokesperson from King's Restaurant Joe Sicad issued a statement on behalf of the company after 274 students from schools in Southern Guam due to apparent food poisoning. "We're doing our own investigation and we are looking at our internal processes as well as the supply chain and just basically just very aspect of our operations just to determine where and how this incident could possible occur," he wrote.

He also stated, "On King's side, this has never happened before, King's has served just in this past year over three million meals and we have very strict food safety guidelines and requirements, and all of the food prepares and food handlers are certified and then understand the procedures. So we are looking at this matter very seriously and we are also examining our own systems."

Sicad adds King's has been contracted with the Department of Education for the past nine years, and the company is hopeful that this incident was isolated.

Students that became ill were served an egg sandwich, milk and slice of fresh melon for breakfast.