Guam - Local Zumba instructor Cynthia Deering is helping put together a Fitness Zumba Party for Wednesday May 25 at the Barrigada Community Center. The event is part of fundraising efforts for three local taekwondo students from Minor's Taekwondo looking to represent Guam at this year's Pacific Games in New Caledonia.

The Zumba Party will run from 6pm to 7:30pm on May 25, tickets are $5 and include a bottle of water and one free raffle ticket. "Elanor [Minor] contacted me and told me about their story and right away I knew that it was just something that I needed to do out of the goodness of my heart because these kids have worked so hard," she said. "It would be a shame that we couldn't step in as a community to get these kids one-step closer to being on the Olympics and it's just an amazing opportunity for them and their families and the hard work they have done and we just need to step it up and be there for them."

Cynthia along with a few other instructors is going around trying to get as much help as they can for the fundraiser. She has been doing a couple of free classes at the center to help get things started and says that anyone interested in lending a hand will have fun at the event.

"When they come to the fundraiser it will help them and push them a little further to say I'm comfortable let's do it. When they see the kids doing it and having a great time it just makes it a lot more fun, and that's what Zumba's about - just having fun," he said.

Minor is happy to speak about how much Cynthia has been helping her students and has even incorporated the Zumba class as part of their training. She has seen how much her students have sacrificed to get where they are now and is grateful for all the help she has been getting from the community. "I have three students and we are looking at raising two thousand dollars each to get them to the Pacific Games. I've had these 3 students for the past 10 years and they have been in here training hard day in and day out and they are training right now 5 times a week with one day of actual hard cardio, sprints and training 2 hours a day," she said.

Representing Team Guam from Minor's Taekwondo will be Hang Pham the only female competitor that will be on the team. Kristian Gueco and Vincent Garrido are both high school students and brought home some medals a few months ago in recent off island competitions.

She explained, "In 2005 I took them to Korea and from then they were so excited. They fought really hard in Korea and a couple of them won medals and I saw potential in them to progress more in the sport and all the dedication they have I wanted to promote them more and travel more so we continued to go to Korea. They went to New Caledonia recently and came back with medals from New Caledonia so that's why I'm pushing harder for the Pacific Games and trying to get them out there."