Guam - Wise Owl Animal Hospital Owner Dr. Joel Joseph continues his fight to have a quarantine facility at his Tamuning clinic. The Department of Agriculture on Friday canceled a scheduled inspection of the facility requiring Dr. Joseph to now get a building permit at the Department of Public Works.

Agriculture director Mariquita Taitague says the law required all quarantine facilities to have a permit, however, Dr. Joseph says he was told by DPW that he does not need one.

Governor's special assistant Telo Taitague says she intervened in hopes to expedite the process, said, "Ensure that the process of his application is pushed forward and as fast as we can for him, and I came into the picture just to make sure his concerns with Department of agriculture he feels he is not being treated fairly so I stepped in to make sure things are being done correctly and by law."

Although DPW told Dr. Joseph he does not need a permit, the Department of Agriculture says they will only conduct an inspection of his facility after he turns in a permit.