Guam - Lawmakers convened in their may legislative session, close to 40 items are on the agenda. Lawmakers began discussion on several measures including Bill 103, which would address the looming September deadline for the Department of Education to spend ARRA funding. During a recent hearing doe testified that to date it's only spent about one percent of the federal grant money.

Senator Ben Pangelinan introduced the legislation, saying, "Bill 103 would reprogram the amount requested by the governor we're very happy to accommodate his request over $60 million would be reprogrammed from capital improvements to operations and the money we receive from the federal government according to Bill 103 will now be placed in a trust account with a trustee much like we do with bond funds."

The measure has already been run by the U.S. Department of Education, which supports efforts to reprogram the funding. By reprogramming it from CIP to operations, local leaders say this will prevent the ARRA funding from being lost or given to other states and territories for education purposes.