Guam - Businesses who are on the Chamorro Land Trust Commission's infamous delinquent list will be summoned to appear before the agency's board of directors next month. According to administrator Monty Mafnas, he's tried working with the seven on the list but enough is enough, saying, "The excuse is just not acceptable."

During Thursday's first meeting of the CLTC board, Mafnas was given the green light to bring on board an attorney. He said, "If we need to litigate then I have the board's consensus to proceed."

Mafnas said he's already been working with the attorney general's office on a memorandum of understanding for their attorney to not only work on collections but many other longstanding issues. "We will provide the monies up to $108,000 for a real estate lawyer to assist the CLTC in the land registration proceedings and crafting and developing new rules and regulations for the commercial lease. And revisiting our current residential and agricultural leases. Besides being also present for our CLTC board meeting every time it's necessary to acquire legal opinions they would be required to do it. For us," he said.  

Aside from an attorney, Mafnas is moving forward on multiple fronts to turn the CLTC around. He's signed an memorandum of understanding with the Department of Agriculture to bring on board an agricultural specialist that will be tasked with helping farmers who hold agricultural leases with the CLTC. In exchange the CLTC will provide an acre of property to Agriculture, which recently received a fisheries grant.

And yet there's more, the CLTC will bring on board a process server in an effort to clean up their inventory. "This process server has the capabilities of researching and recording in the dept of land management and the Superior Court of Guam in addition to that he will be assisting and teaching other land management to personally serve notice to all adjacent lots and adjoining land owners of all the lands that will be registering, we're working closely with the Department of Land Management to submit the 82 lots, but in total there's approximately 200 unregistered land," he said.

And finally, one of the bigger challenges Mafnas will tackle on the horizon, he said, "We will be redrafting our eviction notice and unfortunately to those who are illegally squatting please be advised please be informed. We will be addressing that serious issue once and for all. 2418 it is not fun it it's the right thing to do."

The CLTC board's next meeting is scheduled for May 19.