Guam - Turns out there was more information to a case we told you about at Royal Gardens Condominiums that occurred on April 10. Joshua Cruz was the only person arrested. He filed a counter-criminal complaint at the Guam Police Department last week alleging he was jumped by several individuals.

Those people have since been arrested and face a slew of charges.

Additional magistrate's complaints released by the Attorney General's Office today detail what happened during an early morning riot. Late Friday GPD arrested Marcos Martinez, Victor Ibarra, William Stinett III, Kenneth Davo-Roberts and a female, Derin Santos. The four men are accused of repeatedly beating Cruz. According to the magistrate's complaint Cruz is Santos' boyfriend.

Cruz told officers the incident started when he sent her a text message; a message she did not reply to, but rather her brother-in-law (Ibarra) did. Documents state Ibarra allegedly left vulgar and threatening messages on Cruz's phone. Cruz then proceeded to Royal Gardens where he allegedly told his friend he was going to beat someone up. But when he showed up, court documents state Ibarra, Davo-Roberts and Martinez ran at him. Cruz then retreated to retrieve a baseball bat in his car, he admitted to hitting Ibarra twice, but Ibarra managed to grab the bat and struck Cruz, causing him to fall.

He said once he fell Ibarra, Davo-Roberts, Martinez and Stinette allegedly punched and kicked him while he was on the ground.  Cruz said he was made to stand up, and tried to run away, but the four caught him and allegedly beat him up some more. In terms of a firearm, a Glock 45 was found on the scene. According to court documents the gun belongs to Ibarra. Martinez is alleged to have grabbed the Glock from the trunk of Ibarra's car because he wanted to scare Cruz to "de-escalate the situation."

The magistrate's complaint states witness Edward Perez said he found the gun and cleared the firearm to make it safe. He retrieved it, and called the cops and said there was one round in the chamber and two rounds in the magazine.  However, none of this information was revealed in the initial magistrate's complaint filed against Cruz when he was arrested for assault.

In the meantime, Cruz's attorney, Randall Cunliffe, says he is still gathering information to bring the case to the FBI, as he alleges a cover-up from the force.

We should also note that the lone female arrested in this case is the daughter of Captain Kim Santos, the former head of the Criminal Investigations Division and the current District I commander for the Tumon-Tamuning and Dededo Precincts. Ibarra is also her son-in-law, who is married to Captain Santos' other daughter, who is employed at GPD as a victim's advocate.

GPD Spokesperson Officer A.J. Balajadia would not comment further on the case because of the ongoing investigation, but did say preliminary findings indicate that Captain Santos did not interfere with the investigation. Meanwhile, Martinez, Ibarra, Stinnett, and Roberts were booked and confined on assault charges while Derin Santos was booked and released.