Guam - The Guam Waterworks Authority and Veolia Water are hoping more community awareness will help stop the practice of the improper disposal of fats, oils and grease. Veolia's new source control manager Steve Wells says in the past month he's inspected 27 establishments and 22 of them were found to be non-compliant.

He says they are developing a short term plan to resolve the issue, as about 50% of sewage backups are due to grease buildup. "The major concern right now is the FOG, the fat, oil and grease that is going into our system, on the island we have 804 food service establishments and that's where the bulk of the grease is going to come from and as the grease goes into the system what happens is it comes in and it does this to our lines," he said.

Officials say the best way to dispose of grease is in the trash. Wells says they will continue community outreach before taking harsher action such as implementing fines or shutting off the establishment's water. We should note sewage backups cost about half a million a year to resolve.