Guam - Accusations are being made that certain officers within the Guam Police Department may be involved in a cover-up related to an assault case that occurred at a Tamuning condominium complex. KUAM News has confirmed the Guam Police Department has launched another investigation into the alleged conduct of its officers. 

The criminal complaint was filed by Josh Cruz, who was arrested on April 10 relative to a disturbance that occurred at the Royal Gardens Condominium at around three o'clock that morning. He is being represented by Attorney Randy Cunliffe, who said, "Mr. Cruz was involved in an altercation and he was the only one arrested although he was the only one that sustained severe injuries."

You wouldn't have known that Cruz was allegedly assaulted because the magistrate's complaint in the case does not make mention of him sustaining any injuries. It only states that Cruz had a baseball bat and struck an individual identified as Victor Martinez Ibarra, who sustained a one inch cut to his eyebrow.

According to Attorney Cunliffe, his client was injured - and badly. "With a broken nose and the doctor indicated that an injury to his back was consistent by being hit with a baseball bat. The other individuals, whom I understand some are military police, were not charged by GPD," he explained.

Meanwhile, what's also left out of the magistrate's complaint: allegations that a gun may have been involved. According to Cunliffe, witnesses may be coming forward. "I understand they are going to go to GPD and make reports about what they saw including the potential use of a firearm, which we believe, is being covered up by GPD," he said.

As for Police Chief Fred Bordallo, he could not provide specifics or just how many officers may have been involved. "Because he filed a counter complaint there was a criminal investigation that's ongoing on that and I've instructed also an IA investigation to look into that case to review the current police reports," he confirmed.

What could be key to this case is video that was obtained by GPD. The incident happened here along E Street at the condominiums, G4S officials confirm that the cameras right across the street caught everything on tape.

Guam Police meanwhile also got a copy yesterday as part of their investigation. According to Chief Bordallo, if the allegations are sustained, then the officers will be given the opportunity to respond to the IA findings before any type of adverse action is taken against them. 

In the meantime, Attorney Cunliffe also plans to file a report with the FBI.