Guam - Public schools are hoping to get assistance from Mental Health, as they are getting more and more reports of youth wanting to commit suicide. During a government tour of Upi Elementary School this week, administrators admitted they had a kindergarten student who wanted to commit suicide.

Local statistics show an average 35 suicides a year on Guam. Mental Health Director Wilfred Aflague says the data is compiled by the Medical Examiner's Office and formulated at the PEACE Office. He says statistics show an average of three suicides monthly, most being Chamorro females.

He said, "They range in age, the youngest that I've heard is about 12 up to adults, most are young individuals and general reason is problems within the family, the homes."

Aflague urges the community along with the schools who want to learn about the suicide prevention programs the PEACE Office provides to contact them at 477-9081.