Guam - Taking the weekend to allow his chief legal counsel to review the legislation, Governor Eddie Calvo this morning signed Bill 127 into law. The legislation was authored by Healthcare Committee chair Senator Dennis Rodriguez, Jr. and placed on session agenda last week as an emergency measure.

The bill would remove inorganic provisions in public law related to a nominating council for the Guam Memorial Hospital's board of trustees. Instead, the governor will appoint members to that board with advice and consent by the legislature.

Lawmakers have asked the governor and his organically appointed board to hold off their board meeting scheduled for Thursday until such time they are confirmed.

Governor Calvo today says the meeting will go on as planned, telling KUAM News, "They will be moving forward in their meeting to discuss some really critical issues that are affecting the hospital but for the sake of organicity, whatever decisions they make as a board I will attest to it and affirm it through my signature as governor of Guam. So there were concerns brought up by senators whether again I can delegate my organic authority to the board. Then that question will be resolved by the affirmation of their decision."

Lawmakers warned that should the board proceed with the meeting it could open for legal action to be filed. Meanwhile, the confirmation hearings for the governor's appointees has been scheduled for this Friday.