Guam - Last Friday's march to Fena Lake by lawmakers had postponed a public hearing for legislation that would prohibit people from riding in the back of a pickup truck. Freshman Senator Mana Silva Taijeron introduced legislation that would ban passengers from riding in the back of such vehicles, with Taijeron saying that the bed is designed for the transportation of cargo.

According to Bill 60, the driver of the vehicle will be fined $100 for each passenger riding in the bed. Lawmakers are expected to receive testimony on Monday. Dededo resident Bob Benavente agrees with the bill, telling KUAM News, "My mom once told me that if you will be ejected and most likely wouldn't live again...they did pass a law already, but I still see adults and children in the back of trucks running around. I saw a couple yesterday and weeks before and they're still doing it."

He also said, "If they don't pass a law like this, people will still do it. If there's no law, the people will do anything. So if they pass a law, it'll prevent people from doing it."

Dededo resident Matilde Mercado agrees with the bill, saying it'll keep drivers and passengers safe, adding, "Bad for the people once they get into an accident. I think it's going to be effective. I think we people need to keep on telling the senators that it's bad for the people to ride in the back of the truck."

Mangilao resident Marvin Reyes says stricter laws need to be imposed on motorists. "The laws are too lenient and they have to be more strict to the public and there needs to be a public law that no one should be riding in the back of a truck," he explained.

A bill was authored by Democrat senator Tom Ada and passed in the 30th Guam Legislature. It gave certain restrictions to passengers riding in the bed of the truck. Passengers in the bed of a truck are required to be 12 years or older and must be seated on the floor at all times.

In the meantime, Senator Taijeron's new bill will be heard at the Guam Legislature tomorrow beginning at 9am.