Guam - Guam never had to worry about the threat of exposure to radiation from the nuclear explosion in Japan, that's what Governor Eddie Calvo stated during a press conference today with local authorities that have been monitoring the situation. Calvo says the issue has instilled a fear in others in the world from coming to Guam.

He has been having daily meetings and several White House briefings assuring Guam is and has been safe.

Guam National Guard's Lt. Colonel Mike Tougher said, "The situation in Japan is such that areas outside the immediate exclusion zone around the Fukushima nuclear plant are expected and observed radiation levels to be low, somewhere in the range of .001 millirem to .01 millirem, and those levels it is not expected that that radiation would pose a threat to human health."

Officials however continue to monitor air cargo that comes in to Guam from Japan.