Guam - A local resident is calling on the Guam Legislature to follow a provision of the Organic Act of Guam that requires the branch of government to keep a daily journal available for public inspection.  Tim Rohr had tried to obtain the Legislative Journal from a November session last year, but has yet to get it.

Rohr is specifically looking for the testimony of senators during the 30th Guam Legislature on the controversial Bill 54 (since re-introduced as Bill 52), the Woman's Reproductive Health Information Act.

"We're just asking for the government to be more transparent," Rohr told KUAM News. "This is my first interaction with this kind of thing, so is this what everybody goes through when they want to find out things from the Legislature, or is it they just don't like me or this bill? It is kind of curious whether they're keeping a journal at all for anything."

Rohr stresses that his concerns are about transparency and not focused on abortion.  Speaker Judi Won Pat meanwhile says the clerks at the Legislature have been working to complete the journals. 

With Rohr's request, they are now working on the specific journal he has asked for.