Guam - A Taiwanese trade mission comprised of 18 business firms is on Guam. With the help and partnership with the Guam Economic Development Authority, the businesses were able to foster close trade relations with the Guam business sector.

The Taiwanese business firms represent the different construction and green industries in Taiwan. Companies in that country are heavily involved in the engineering construction sector. In addition, the group is hoping to help the island create a greener Guam.

Mission member Jeff Lim spoke about it in a press conference today at the Hilton Hotel, announcing, "We want to have some proposals to improve your transportation, your sightseeing area. We really want to offer a very creative idea to improve this kind of system. The second is that the green building is the future and also, in the future, we want to offer solutions."

GEDA administrator Karl Pangelinan says Governor Eddie Calvo is optimistic about this trade mission and that trade missions like this allows such groups to foster close relationships with the local government and businesses.