Guam - Governor Eddie Calvo and his team are also monitoring how the disaster may impact the island's tourism industry as well as the plans for the military buildup. "There's a treaty between two sovereign nations already, a billion dollars had been transferred by the Government of Japan to the federal government ," said the island's chief executive.

"So things are moving accordingly. Who would have predicted a earthquake and tsunami, a tsunami of biblical proportions? Who would have anticipated in uprising in North Africa? No one can predict the future other than the Good Lord. All we can do as a people as a government is look at the situation look at what our original plans from there, and like Senator [Tina] Barnes has proffered, move forward with the existing situation as is use our both our collective intelligence and collaboration and move forward and try to see how in certain situations making lemonade out of a lemon."

The governor does say that with the arrival of the a thousand Navy sailors from Atsugi, it continues to show Guam's strategic importance to the United States and its allies.