Guam - She's back. Well, not as the head of the Guam Environmental Protection Agency but rather the director of the Guam Energy Office, which basically falls under the Guam EPA in a supervisory role.  Lorilee Crisostomo left the agency amidst a controversial federal report detailing allegations of financial mismanagement, of which she said the report was inaccurate.  

Senator Rory Respicio, who had oversight of the agency at the time, also called for her resignation. Crisostomo said, "I don't see a problem, I'm not in charge of Guam EPA; that would be with Ivan Quinata is acting administrator of Guam EPA. Maybe you should refer questions to him, but I'm strictly with the Guam Energy Office."

Crisostomo says she looks forward to her new role, which she started Monday. She says she plans on ensuring federal grant monies such as ARRA are put to good use.