Guam - The Mayor's Council of Guam received an update from Kloppenburg Enterprises today on their efforts to provide services to the island's senior citizens. But it was Friday's tsunami warning that Council executive director Angel Sablan says raised concern as the company explained they had trouble trying to help evacuate people out of Tumon.

Sablan adds the company expressed shock over the incident that occurred at Guma Trankilidat where an elderly bed-ridden woman was stranded and later found dead. Sablan says the company has offered to get involved with future emergency situations.

"They were allowed to go out on a first run but they weren't allowed to go back in because the roads were closed so that just tells you that we need to have some better coordination with homeland security and the Office of Civil Defense because even though they are a private company, they are offering emergency services and we need to get them to do what they can to help our government in cases like this," he said.

Sablan says the mayors will work on developing an evacuation plan with Civil Defense.