Guam - The Department of Education is proposing to have a central high school in Tiyan. "So what we're looking at is really perhaps developing another high school, a central high school, to alleviate the overcrowding especially at George Washington," said deputy superintendent Arlene Unpingco.

DOE has formed a committee to come up with a proposed plan for the Tiyan campus once JFK High moves into its new home by June. Unpingco says the committee consists of administrators from the high schools and middle schools. This group must come up with a proposal for next school year to present to both Superintendent Dr. Nerissa Bretania Underwood and Governor Eddie Calvo.

"What the committee is working on right now, they're researching the enrollment of the specific attendance areas. For example, Barrigada," Unpingco continued. "How many students are currently residing in that area that are attending George Washington High? And so in collaboration with the principals, that's what we want to present to the superintendent."

DOE had initially proposed to move Untalan Middle School there so renovations can take place at the campus in Barrigada, but Unpingco says that has since changed. She says those repairs will be completed during the summertime. In the meantime, George Washington High School has been experiencing overcrowding for over a decade and officials are hoping something can be done to ease it.

GW principal Begona Flores says the Mangilao campus was not built to hold over 2,700 students. With the proposal of a new Tiyan high school, Flores says this could help her situation. "The idea that I would gladly support would be to redistrict and that will definitely help alleviate the overcrowding here and when we talk about redistricting, perhaps the attendance areas-the villages closest to Tiyan, it makes more sense to look at those areas and the numbers," he said.