Guam - For several tense hours last night the island remained under a Tsunami Warning until the all-clear was given just after 10:30pm by the National Weather Service. According to NWS Chief Meteorologist Chip Guard, they were keeping a close eye on a tide gauge off Pago Bay when the tsunami was projected to start rippling toward the territory

Explained Guard, "The waves were generally six inches to about a foot-and-a-half and we did see a large rapid receding of the waters over in Pago Bay; it kind of emptied out the bay and eventually it came back in so that was of some concern. But fortunately, we didn't see the anything larger than that and fortunately it hit at low tide, so by virtue of hit hitting at low tide, it's more of a high tide coming up.

"And so the water didn't come over what's normally dry land. So that was fortunate for us."