Guam - The Micronesian Area Research Center at the University of Guam is hosting its 3rd Annual Charter Day event this month. The program, which has awarded $20,000 in scholarships over the last year, highlighted some of their accomplishments during a press conference held this morning at UOG, one of which is the digitizing of 40-year-old films of Micronesia. 

Pastor Edmund Kalau is one of the honorees to be recognized at MARC's upcoming Charter Day event, and says, "When I came out to Micronesia from Day One in '59 in Palau, I started filming 16mm films - at that time we did not have DVDs. and I collected thousands and thousands of feet or hundreds and hundreds of hours of 16mm film of social, cultural, religious changes in the islands."

Some of Kalau's films will be shown at the event to be held at The Marriott on Friday March 11 from 6pm until 9:30pm. Tickets are $100.