Guam - Guam Shipyard President Mathews Pothen confirms that the dry dock "Big Blue" is back above water. Pothen says more details about what they did to raise the dry dock will be released tomorrow. However, Guam Economic Development Authority Acting Administrator Karl Pangelinan says he is in communication with Pothen, who told him the effort took the Shipyard about 12 hours to complete.

Pangelinan adds there is about three feet of water in the tanks that will be pumped out over the next couple of days so the tanks can be completely dry and repairable. He says the dry dock is no longer completely blue, as there is gray coating on the wing walls that were submerged.

Shipyard officials have been working for nearly two months to resurface Big Blue, which sank in January due to high seas and surf conditions. The Shipyard is also expecting all employees back to work next week.