Guam - The Mayor's Council of Guam has been hit with another delay for the Abandoned Vehicle and White Goods Cleanup Program. Council Executive Director Angel Sablan says the cleanup effort for Yona is behind schedule and they hope to begin sometime next week. The problem he says is the rate the funding is being spent.

Sablan says they are trying to identify a more cost efficient way to cleanup the junk. He adds there are concerns of haulers taking advantage of the effort and possibly double charging the mayor's. He says they are reviewing the issue, noting, "Right now there's different haulers out there that are pulling cars in the villages for free and here we are paying a good sum of money, $120,000 we already spent in Barrigada just for the month that they are hauling out vehicles and white goods and that's a big concern to us," he explained.

Sablan says a cost containment plan is needed, as they estimate that more than $2 million will be spent just for hauling the junk once they hit all 19 villages.