Guam - Department of Youth Affairs director Adonis Mendiola says he is working to resolve the overcrowding issues his facility is faced with. He says to date they have 67 clients at the facility that holds a maximum capacity of 76 clients.

The problem, he says, is that with the surge of youth-related crimes the number of clients they receive constantly fluctuates, sometimes making them pass the capacity threshold. He says they are working with the department of education, the courts and Guam Police to thwart the issue from continuing. For the most part he is encouraging more youth programs to help keep minors out of his facility.

"We have three resource centers in our alternative sentencing and our step programs, which allow again alternative sentencing for our judges to consider or to allowed for them to be monitored," Mendiola explained.

He adds that one of their units that hold 30 more clients is currently closed and is awaiting an architectural assessment before it can be used.