Guam - Convicted felon Eugene Lane faces up to 25 years in prison after a Superior Court jury found him guilty of two counts of robbery and other felony-related offenses. In July of last year, lane was apprehended after committing a series of armed robberies at the Winster Gameroom, Days Inn and Funland Gameroom.

Assistant Attorney General Stephen Leon Guerrero says the testimony provided by the victims who were robbed at gunpoint helped prosecutors make the case. "He held the (victims) at gunpoint and out of fear, fear of retaliation, they gave into his demand for cash which he ultimately he was able to get and he fled the scene," he explained. "By all means these are serious offenses and I know our office has no issue and no problem going after these individuals. We're going to continue to do so and he's one of the examples.

Lane is scheduled to be sentenced on April 8 before Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Barrett Andersen.