Guam - Senator Ben Pangelinan has asked the District Court to return the $5.1 million that was spent on the Layon landfill project before limited obligation bonds were issued.

The Appropriations and Taxation Committee chair says the diversion of funds over the last five years has contributed to the government's cash flow problem as the Government of Guam has been reimbursing and paying back the solid waste management fund at $200,000 a month.

The senator said, "So what we're asking the judge is to give us credit for that expenditure and reimburse the General Fund for those expenditures, and then in return we would make the deposit from the bonds into the Solid Waste Management Fund so it would not be a cash flow drain to the General Fund."

Pangelinan also asked the judge to stay the current repayment schedule of reimbursement to the General Fund until all of the expenses have been reconciled.