Guam - The Chamorro Rights organizations has selected four nominees for the Guam First Commission. Trini Torres was selected by Taotaomona native rights, Frank J. Schacher was selected by the Chamorro Tribal Council, Antonio Artero Sablan was chosen by the Commission on Decolonization Task Force for Independence for Guam and Dr. Michael "Miget" Lujan Bevacqua was selected by eight other groups.

Those organizations being We are Guahan, Famoksaiyan, Guahan Coalition for Peace and Justice, Chamorro Studies Association, I Nasion Chamoru, Organization for the Protection of Indigenous Rights, Chamoru Cultural Development and Research Institute and the Colonized Chamoru Coalition. The four nominees will be meeting this Saturday at the Chamorro Village Conference Room to decide amongst themselves which one of them will sit on the Guam First Commission.

The nominees will meet in private as they deliberate on February 26th from 10am to 2pm.