Guam - As the Guam Police Department began to investigate its latest traffic-related fatality this morning, it forced traffic to creep at a snail's pace. As morning rush hour got underway, traffic came to a screeching halt as GPD's Highway Patrol Division was activated to investigate the latest traffic-related fatality.

A Korean man believed to be in his 50 or 60's crossing the street in Tamuning hit by a car. Police Spokesperson Officer A.J. Balajadia said, "A 52-year-old man from Yigo was operating a 2003 Toyota Pre-Runner, he was headed south when a pedestrian attempting to cross the street from the Cinema side towards the personal finance center was struck by operator of the Pre-Runner." 

Medics transported the victim to the Guam Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 5:45 this morning. So far no arrests have been made. "Highway Patrol will interview all witnesses if any to include the driver of that vehicle they will take measurements, skid marks and they will put together their investigation and determine the exact cause for this accident," said the spokesman.

As a result of this morning's investigation, traffic had to be rerouted, causing congestion throughout the central part of Guam. And according to Balajadia, testing the patience of drivers. "A lot of the areas where the traffic was rerouted apparently people are not paying attention and not being courteous and there were several accidents," he said.

The auto-pedestrian incident along with those additional fender-benders backed-up traffic, leaving many motorists waiting anywhere between a half-hour to an hour. DPW director Joanne Brown said, "I do want to point out and this something we all need to be mindful of this morning was a very unfortunate incident and my heart goes out to the family members who suffering the loss of the individual that died this morning. And I'm kind of taken a back that the priority is looking at traffic flow as a result of this accident."

According to the newly-confirmed director, she is fully aware of the complaints about the road construction projects. "We're trying to make it as painless as possible however road construction is going to require delays it is going to be an inconvenience, we only have so much easement of government property that we have under our jurisdiction," she said.

Bottom line: with any alternatives it seems motorists will just have to go with the flow.

In the meantime, Brown says a meeting will be held this Thursday with residents and businesses who live and work near the tri-intersection area in Barrigada to discuss upcoming lane changes. That meeting will be held 4in the Barrigada Mayor's Office. Brown will then meet with her oversight chair senator, Tom Ada, next Wednesday to provide public updates on the project. That's scheduled for 6:30pm at the Guam Legislature.