Guam - Senator Rory Respicio introduced legislation to increase the financial transparency of the Guam Memorial Hospital. Bill 83 highlights the importance that GMH's current finances are disseminated to the public in an accessible and understandable format in order to create transparency.

The measure would require GMH receivables, billings and payments from government entities, health insurance companies and self-payors are updated on a bi-weekly basis and posted online. In a news release Respicio states, "The Democrats are extremely concerned about Governor Eddie Calvo's recent action to invoke his Organic Act Authority to take control over our Island's only civilian hospital. It just doesn't make sense to remove a board and a management team, which we recognized together with the professional, dedicated and competent hospital staff, for obtaining GMH's accreditation.

"This decision is purely political, so we moved for the swift introduction of Bill 83 to remove any motivations whatsoever and provide for greater transparency and accountability of all receivables, payments and billings owed to GMH."