Guam - One of those fired by Governor Eddie Calvo from the management team at the Guam Memorial Hospital is acting chairperson of the board of trustees - at least until tomorrow morning - is Lou Leon Guerrero. Upon learning of her dismissal, she told KUAM News, "I'm actually very surprised because we have had good communication with the governor, Frank Arriola. I just was up there two days ago talking about some issues.

"Peter John [Camacho, GMH's administrator] has been talking to Frank Arriola he was part of the cabinet meeting. I have not gotten any call from anybody about what the reason is, what provoked it. I have no idea."

When asked if she felt such a decision is a step back for Guam's only public hospital, Leon Guerrero reacted by saying, "I think so because now there's all these people with a learning curve that has to go through, the staff now leadership has changed abruptly the staff will continue providing quality, safe patient care and so forth because that's their job and they can do that but it's just that now leadership has changed, so there's going to be some disruption absolutely."

Leon Guerrero says the GMH board got through the accreditation process, received good, clean financial audits and they are proud of what has been achieved.  Additionally she says she's quite disappointed that the governor evoked his authority under the Organic Act - something she doesn't believe was necessary.