Guam - With the lease for both the Guam Police and Guam Fire Departments headquarters ending this September, the Office of the Lieutenant Governor staff is working with the public safety agencies to get them a new administrative facility. Adelup met with officials from GPD, GFD, Customs, the Department of Corrections, the Department of Youth Affairs, Parks & Rec as well as the Attorney General's Office to discuss the possibility of consolidating the headquarters for law enforcement on one property.

The Guam State Clearing House is requesting for the specs that each agency recommends for their facility before they meet with their economic advisors to determine the financial aspect. Lt. Governor's chief of staff Dong Choe says this unified campus will benefit all law enforcement in our region. "So we can become this regional training center for public safety for the entire western pacific if its possible maybe holding an FBI academy on Guam when the CNMI or FSM need fire training they can come to Guam because we will have the certified instructors here and we can certify them here," he said.

Officials have not yet selected a site for the law enforcement campus. Choe says they will continue to work with Public Safety Oversight Chair Senator Adolpho Palacios to address the matter.