Guam - A joint oversight hearing is underway at the Guam Legislature on the Guam Military Buildup and the Programmatic Agreement. The hearing started however with Senator Judi Guthertz grilling representatives from the Calvo Administration on the release of the transition's team's report on the State Historic Preservation Office headed up by Lynda Aguon.

According to the report the office, which is under the Department of Parks & Recreation and is largely funded by federal money, accused Aguon of a severe pattern of obstructionism, insubordination and micro-managing abuse and incompetence. Aguon was not present at today's oversight, Guthertz said that means two things (1) she's not sure of her status and (2) she is very disturbed by the contents of the transition report which really attacked her. The lawmaker then asked for an explanation from the panel before her this morning as to the way the transition report was written.

Attorney Arthur Clark, who is the Governor's Chief Policy Advisor responded that no-one sitting at the table had a part in writing that report and the assessment is not reflective of the Calvo Administration. He further went on to state that matter of fact on February 8 Governor Eddie Calvo officially designated her as the islands' State Historic Preservation officer. He added the report was subjective relative to personality issues, Clark continued that a lot of the times personality could be indicative of leadership and with new leadership in place Aguon will have the tools to effectively do her job and that the Governor is fully behind her.

Senator Guthertz then responded that she was appreciative of the clarification and recommended that the Administration write her a letter showing their support, to which Clark agreed to do.

Aguon meanwhile, ended up showing up to the oversight hearing despite feeling ill.