Guam - Appearing before lawmakers today was the governor's nominee to serve as the director of the Department of Corrections, Jose San Agustin. Dr. Dianne Strong testified against his appointment, questioning his qualifications, saying, "Given critical conditions at DOC and lacking any convincing evidence that Mr. San Agustin has managerial skills required for a position in corrections, I firmly oppose his confirmation to serve as director."

Oversight chair Senator Adolpho Palacios meanwhile pelted San Agustin with several questions on issues and problems that were identified in the Calvo-Tenorio Transition Team report. San Agustin confirmed there was no dietician at DOC, would look into an EKG machine that's been broken for three years as well as a broken oxygen machine.  San Agustin was also asked about his plans for addressing the prison's aging population and the complex issue involving the lack of accurate personnel record keeping.

Said San Agustin, "I want to reiterate sir, the men and women of this department, while their mentality is to work, hard, hard, hard - I did convey to them record tracking, keeping of what they do and everything they're supposed to be maintaining to justify the things that they do needs to be corrected."

Senator Palacios also asked San Agustin about the status of drug testing, to which he responded officers to his knowledge haven't been tested for drugs in three years.