Guam - We've told you a lot about the possibility of thousands of foreign workers from the Philippines coming to Guam for the military buildup. What about from American Samoa?

About one thousand citizens from that nation are being reviewed to possibly become a major part of the construction workforce. Professional Personnel International, Inc. Guam representative Dave Sablan says the company deals with workforce housing and wants to work with other local companies to make this move possible. Sablan says the proposal is to construct workforce housing at the corner of Marine Corps Drive and Route 3 in Dededo to accommodate the workers from Samoa.

He said, "They're US nationals they don't need any visas, they're skilled workers to some degree, there are few that have to be trained through a job corps program and the government there is taking care of that."

Sablan says they are working to obtain the proper permits for the housing facility. He adds that the pace of the workers coming to Guam is dependent on how fast contracts for the buildup are issued.