Guam - Guam Resource Recovery Partners' Dave Sablan says federal receiver Gershman, Brickner & Bratton's argument that a second landfill would jeopardize the financing plan that's been approved for the Layon landfill is a farce. Sablan says the bond wouldn't be in jeopardy because its guaranteed by Section 30 money and not by revenues that would be generated by the use of the landfill.

District Court of Guam Chief Judge Frances Tydingco Gatewood has asked for a complete review of how the Guam EPA reached its decision to issue a draft permit to GRRP for its landfill in Atanano or Guatali in Santa Rita. While that takes place, Sablan says the federal receiver is simply costing GovGuam too much money.

He said, "I think one way to save money is to get this receiver out of our hair. He's costing us $250,000 or more a month. That's over $2 million a year we gotta pay this guy to run our solid waste operation. He's not supposed to be doing that in my opinion. He's supposed to be concentrating on closing the Ordot Dump and building a new landfill. He's taken over the solid waste division of the Department of Public Works."

GRRP is the same company trying to build a waste to energy facility in Atantano, however the court has found several discrepancies with the contract.