Guam - Any decisions on funding infrastructure upgrades for Guam for the military buildup won't be made until the end of March. Consolidated Commission on Utilities chairperson Simon Sanchez says the local government is waiting on what action Japan takes as they consider how much should be appropriated for the water and wastewater upgrades.

"Right now, we are watching to see Japanese government will indeed appropriate about $420 million for marine infrastructure; of that amount, there's a large amount of money could be made available to upgrade our northern and Agana Wastewater Treatment Plant all the way up to secondary treatment, which is a level of wastewater treatment that we don't have here on Guam," said Sanchez.

Sanchez notes that the estimated cost could be as much as $280 million, and, of course, the concern is that it is not cheap. However Sanchez says the Department of Defense reiterated in meetings earlier this month that the marines will be completely responsible for any repayment required by Japan.