Guam - Younex will be overcoming the speedbump that has resulted in delays for the Ukudo Workforce Housing Project near Two Lovers Point. The Guam Waterworks Authority announced that it will be issuing the building permit required for Phase 1 of the project.

GWA Acting General Manager John Benavente says, "Younex will be required to provide water production equivalent to what they consume, which amounts to about 2 million gallons of water daily at a cost of about $12 million to them." He adds that this will not impact the current water system. A GWA news release states that Younex has agreed to construct new tanks and off site facilities, which will eventually be turned over to GWA.

The permit will be awarded in phases, as Younex plans to construct up to 6,000 units on the property. Benavente adds that the final permit process will need approval from the Department of Public Works.